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They Want FX Vol 2 - Sound Effects Sample Pack - MOD-6002

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'They Want FX Vol 2' is a collection of over 200 one-shot and 30 minutes of harmonic drone and filtered textures inspired by vintage sci-fi analog sound effects. Ready to take your productions to the next level? These sounds include lifters, lazers, risers, shifters, hovers, blips, and various alien space sound one shots on the A-side. The REAL space magic is in the B-side: melodic drone sounds that you can sample in your own productions, creating new sounds and sample chops. Push your creativity! Unique filter sounds using the Prophet synthesizer poly-mod: CEM3320 and SSM2040 filters and Ladder filter from the Moog!

These sounds were recorded using the legendary Prophet 10 synthesizer, monophonic Moog synthesizers, Echoplex tape delay, Roland Space Echo with Spring Reverb, various spring reverbs, pitch vibrato, and polyphonic pitch modulators. Recorded thru tube preamps, and tube and FET compressors to 1/4” tape - as a result these samples really cut thru in a mix! No digital VSTs, no digital artifacts, all analog. Ain’t nothing like the real thang baby!

Check out the previews with headphones on! All samples 100% from “They Want FX Vol 2” sample pack, excluding the drums (not included).

These sounds are 100% royalty free, no clearance necessary. Samples are compatible with any DAW or beat machine. These samples are now 100% compatible with the classic Akai MPC series.

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