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The Sounds of Soul Sample Pack - MOD-3001 Remastered

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The Sounds of Soul is the first official sample pack release under Modulation Music Library.  Now remastered, with stems option!

Included are 10 original arrangements which were heavily inspired by early 1970's soul record labels such as Philadelphia International (Gamble & Huff, McFadden & Whitehead, Tom Bell), STAX (Isaac Hayes), TAMLA (Marvin Gaye) and Avco (Hugo & Luigi).  

To re-create the feel and vibe of 70's vinyl, live instrumentation in a small room was used along with analog and digital gear including: '58 Les Paul, 60's Precision Bass, Mellotron; analog compressors and pre-amps (LA-2A, Tubetech CL-1B, Neve 1073) and plugins for saturation.  These samples & loops work with any DAW, beat machine or sampler.  

Guaranteed master clearance.  By using these sounds in your records you agree to our master licensing agreement.