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The Sounds of Soul III - MOD-3004

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Modulation Music Library is proud to introduce the latest follow-up release to the popular 'Sounds of Soul' sample series: 'The Sounds of Soul 3' - finalizing the trilogy. This collection of 10 original soulful arrangements with STEMS option are inspired by soulful records from the late 60's and early 70's including labels and producers such as STAX (Isaac Hayes, Booker T., Steve Cropper ), Hi Records (Willie Mitchell), TAMLA (Marvin Gaye), and Philadelphia International (Tom Bell).

Whether you’re producing boom bap, trap, or soul-trap, these samples will give your production the authentic soul and feel of vinyl records. These samples were created specifically for sample-based music producers, beatmakers and DJ's who need high quality original samples to flip and arrange into beats or tracks without the worry of troublesome sample clearances and easy accessibility.

This release further explores soulful themes of love, loss, hope and prevail. The approach was to create deeper textures, timbres, and lush sounds over spare and minimal arrangements using live instrumentation, analog recording gear and analog pedals and effects with minimal processing.

Equipment used includes live instruments (rhodes, wurlitzer, 100-year-old wurlitzer upright piano, mellotron, les paul guitar, p-bass, and glockenspiel) and analog outboard gear (including 1176, LA-2A, CL1B, EQP-WA) along with UA plugins for additional sound effects.

Guaranteed master and publishing clearance.  By using these sounds in your records you agree to our master licensing agreement.

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