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Ides of March Dramatic Soul Sample Pack - MOD-3003

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The Ides of March sample pack includes 10 original sample loops inspired by cinematic and dramatic ‘90’s hip-hop including Mobb Deep, Cormega, Nas, The Notorious B.I.G., Capone-N-Noreaga, Gang Starr and more.  This volume of samples explores the similarities between hip-hop drama in the 90’s and Julius Caesar and Ancient Rome.  Following the play by Shakespeare, these samples parallel the tragedy narrative using old dramatic soul samples as the core.  This took many hours of study, research and production to create samples that are similar to the samples used in 90s hip-hop.

Production includes live instruments, minimal arrangements, background vocals and vintage gear to get the original sound, texture and depth of original vinyl’s sampled in the 90’s.

These samples & loops work with any DAW, beat machine, or sampler and includes BPM, key signature and stems option.

Guaranteed master clearance.  By using these sounds in your records you agree to our master licensing agreement. This release is only available from Modulation Music Library.