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Fire - MOD-3012

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Unleash the fire in your beats with the psychedelic soul and jazz sound of our 'Fire' sample pack. 'Fire' includes 12 original sample arrangements that draw inspiration from late 60s and early 70s psychedelic soul music from: Great Britain, United States, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, and Zambia. With multiple sections, and stems option, you can easily create your own loops and chops - BPMs ranging from 130-170. ‘Fire’ explores a wide spectrum of sounds based on the alchemy element of fire as a theme.

These samples were produced using live instruments, and modern and vintage analog recording gear: FET and tube compressors, buzz and tremelo pedals, spring reverbs, re-301 space echo, echoplex tube tape delay, guitars, rhodes, mellotron, b3 organ, moog, live vocals, and more. Mastered to 1/4” tape for deep saturation and crazy psychedelic echos and delays that sit perfectly in the mix.

Ignite your production and download ‘Fire’ today!