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Chromatic - MOD-3005

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This is the one. Modulation Music Library is thrilled to release its premier sample pack - 'Chromatic' featuring legendary Los Angeles guitarist BSaleh! And introducing The Modulation Singers. This is a collection of 10 original sample arrangements inspired by late 60's - early 70's deep soul cuts from legendary soul artists Al Green, William Bell, Otis Redding, Syl Johnson, War, and The Meters.

Taking inspiration from legendary guitarists behind many soul classics: Steve Cropper, Cornell Dupree, Teenie Hodges, Leo Nocenteli, Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Hazel, and James Jamerson (bass), BSaleh brings his own rhythm and feel to these sounds, with his signature chromatic moves, hence the title Chromatic. But this is no ordinary guitar sample pack, this is a complete soul recording that is ready to be sampled

The intention was to create samples indistinguishable from early 70's vinyl. The recording of this collection was 100% analog with live instrumentation: B's killer PRS strat guitar, analog guitar pedals, B's vintage fender 55 deluxe amp, fender p-bass, fender rhodes and mellotron. Recorded thru analog outboard gear: LA-2A & 1176 compressors, shure SM57 & SM7B mics. NO RC-20, cassette or VHS VST's used.

Guaranteed master and publishing clearance.  By using these sounds in your records you agree to our master licensing agreement. Samples are compatible with any DAW or beat machine, includes BPM, key signature and stems option.

This release is only available from Modulation Music Library.